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Congratulations to our newest Face to Face Spa Franchisee in the Houston area!

Face to Face Franchising is proud to announce the Grand Opening of its newest franchise, Face to Face Spa at Towne Lake in Cypress, Texas. Congratulations to the business owners David and Rania Eysie for their hard work and accomplishments in opening their first small business!

Rania Eysie is a Licensed Esthetician originally from Lebanon. Her life dream is to own her own Med-Spa. Congrats Rania; it just happened! Her passion for skin care shines as she warmly greets you at the front desk of her new medi-spa business. David Eysie, her supportive husband, is a retired Police Officer and currently runs the administrative side of things for the company. Once he retired from the Police force, he decided to surprise his wife with the purchase of a spa franchise! He knew Face to Face Spa was a perfect fit! Together, these two make the perfect team.

If you happen to be in the Houston area and looking to receive high-end medical grade facials, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning… look no further! Stop by this Cypress location at Towne Lake across the street from the famous Boardwalk. Now offering 50% off your first Premium Medi-facial PLUS a free chemical peel treatment. You can’t beat that deal!

Face to Face Spa wasn’t voted ‘BEST Facial’ six years in a row because they got lucky. This med-spa chain has an absolute niche: Faces. To book an appointment at Face to Face Spa at Towne Lake, call (832) 322-3223 or stop by 18121 Tuckerton Rd, Cypress, Ste 110, TX 77433. You may book online at

Face to Face Spa is considered the fastest growing medi-spa in Central Texas and aims to be the largest medi-spa franchise system in the nation by 2020. Why choose Face to Face Franchising? Because you are a name, not a number. Business Development Support and Marketing are the key focus of this med-spa franchise support system. The membership discount model helps keep prices low for dedicated clients and maintains healthy revenue streams for the franchisee. Membership based models are the way to go, especially in the spa industry.

The founder, Jenny Abraham is a Registered Nurse who specialized in Aesthetics. Facials at Face to Face Spa are relaxing, sure…but Jenny compares her facial recipes to that of a dental cleaning (but rather on the skin). Each Medi-Facial includes a double cleanse, induced pore opening, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and a hydration treatment with ionic technology and ultrasonic therapy. “If a woman wants to relax, she’ll go get a massage. If a woman wants to see results with her skin, she doesn’t want a foo foo relaxation facial… she wants to see results. That’s what you get a Face to Face. We create a care plan for your skin care and within 2-3 months a dramatic improvement in your appearance is achieved. Healthy Skin is naturally more beautiful”, says the founder, Jenny of Face to Face Spa. Face to Face Spa specializes in chemical peel treatments and offers over 24 different chemical peel options to choose from. They have often been referred to as the ‘Chemical Peel Headquarters’ of central Texas.

The beautiful thing about franchising is that you are in business for yourself as a small business owner in your community, but you are not ‘by yourself’. Franchising gives you the large scale support necessary to be successful without all the ‘behind the scenes’ stress associated with doing it alone.

Face to Face Spa…Promoting Skin Health & Beauty.

For more information on franchising opportunities, visit or call 1-800-797-1345.

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